Recorded live at Cloud City in Brooklyn, NY, on May 17th 2015.

Fray Performed by Exceptet.


Cue spots: 0:56-1:20, 2:30-2:40, 3:01-3:18, 4:16-4:40, 5:19-5:48

I used two physical states as models for this piece: the highly pressurized geological process that creates obsidian (or volcanic glass) and the namesake fray with its meaning: "become worn at the edges." Both processes are situations where external pressure and time cause the original object to mutate. In Fray I considered my musical material as an object that gets frayed but also hardened by time. I attempted this by trying to find a single mood, a chord, a type of sound, that I could slowly develop throughout: a moment that you would be able to see from uncountable new angles, like in the way an object gets transformed through external factors.  

Whirlpool recorded live at ShapeShifter Lab during the SONiC Festival, October 17, 2015.

Quince Contemporary Vocal Ensemble: Elizabeth Pearse, Kayleigh Butcher, and Carrie Henneman Shaw
Fjóla Evans: Composition
Merche Blasco: Electronics, instrument designer and builder
Camera and editing: Nick Cusworth (
Audio editing: Laura Whitmore Dickens

HOLLYWOOD performed by the NYU Contemporary Music Ensemble, under the direction of Jonathan Haas, at Frederick Loewe Theater, April 23, 2014


FIVE performed by the JACK Quartet at Provincetown Playhouse, April 23, 2014

Augun for cello and electronics